take me away, please carry me away my mind is swirling with thought and curiosity morbid some, mindful of what might and maybe come about from watching the break of day. i frown upon my chains, the weight upon my heart trapped in a battle, in which silence must be held. no fighting can be done, for i am scared, scared of what could be done if i try. idle, i lay restless and awake in my bed no sleep has come to grace me yet the could's and maybe's of things i can not forget i cannot get myself to rid them from my mind. why is this the plan of action, is it for some morbid form of satisfaction? so she may feel truly in control of my reaction? so doesn't see nor understand it by her hypocrisy. i wish to be happy once more, to be able to look up upon the moon and the stars while smiling, no needing to worry over arbitrary things that shouldn't affect me so. i almost wish to be a fool again, naïve, and not so aware of my bindings, or to feel free enough to find my own to know a world not so set in stone. to end it all would not be fair, not to she and others i care for morbid, awful thought i wish to rid as well but all i may do is sit and await. the clock chimes once more, night it is the latest hour, yet earliest of the new dawn midnight reaches above like a clumsy fawn may i be able to smother this feeling before dawn's light.

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