Drawn Terms & Conditions

This terms & conditions of Drawn are written in plain English because we're not lawyers. We'll try to keep it simple.

In order to visit, create, or otherwise use Drawn you must agree to the following conditions. Failure to abide by them will may result in punishments that could culminate in permanent banning, loss of koin, and perhaps worst of all, loss of site cred.

Things You Can't Do

We at Drawn aren't big on censorship, but we are run by a Canadian company and we have to follow certain rules. We also have a lot of minors using this site. Thus the following content is not allowed in any animations or comments:

In the event of any dispute with these rules, the moderators and administrator have final say.

Here are some more general rules to live by:


As the Drawn community has been growing and becoming more social network-like, interactions between members have gotten more complex. To help deal with disruptive users an evolving ban system has been put in place for the moderators to utilize. Presently the following aspects of the Drawn experience can be limited:

The duration of these bans will be decided by the moderator team and can range from a few hours, to days, to permanent. Be good, don't get banned.



All content generated by users of Drawn belongs to the creators. Drawn makes no claim of ownership or authorship. You own everything you create on Drawn, and can have your creations (or account) removed at your request.

That being said, users can expand upon original animations to create new works, which will not be owned by the creator of the original animation. These new works will contain a permanent link back to the original artwork so dirty thieves can't try and claim other people's work as their own.


Ranks on Drawn are special levels assigned to users by moderators and site administrators (and in the future may be purchaseable). They are given out at the discretion of the mods/admins and can be revoked if you post poor quality artwork to higher-quality locations or if you violate other aspects of the terms & conditions.

Drawn presently has the following artistic ranks:

Don't get discouraged if you're not granted sushi right away; just keep practicing. Artwork (like everything else) improves with practice and the mods will notice if you've been developing your skills as an artist and animator. It's recommended you wait at least one month after a rejection to ask again. While waiting be sure to fill up your profile with more artwork!

ClaytonR doesn't assign artistic rank, so it's best to ask a moderator instead if you have questions.

Drawn moderators receive a fair amount of private messages regarding ranking and Koin; while these are valued mechanics to the site, remember that these are things you need to work towards. Repeated messages to the moderators, be it requests or demands, will result in a warning. Spamming or harassing the mods will only get you on the path to a ban.


Moderators are selected as needed from the pool of Drawn users. In addition to internal (non-public) criteria, in order to be considered for the rank of moderator a user must be hold a minimum rank of sushi and be 18 years of age or older. ClaytonR has the final say on who becomes a moderator or not.

The Fishbowl

The Fishbowl contains the currently-featured animation on the home page, the new page, and the hot page. You can feature your own animations or someone else's by spending koin. The amount of koin you spend depends on whether or not the Fishbowl is empty and how difficult you want to make it for someone else to replace the animation you select.

If the Fishbowl is empty, the minimum amount you need to spend to have an animation featured is 1 koin. However, if you only spend 1 koin then the next person only needs to spend 2 koin to replace your selection in the Fishbowl.

If the Fishbowl is not empty, then you will need to spend one more koin than the last amount paid in order to replace the contents.

There is a cooldown period of 1 hour before the Fishbowl can be changed. That means that animations placed in the fishbowl are guaranteed to remain there for one hour before they can be replaced by someone else.

Fishbowl placements automatically expire after 24 hours, emptying the Fishbowl and resetting the minimum amount to 1 koin.


Koin is the official currency of Drawn and it is used to unlock advanced features when creating animations, or to reward people with trophies and Fishbowl placement.

Purchasing of Koin is done using the Stripe payment system.

Payout Information

Koin is paid out daily to the most popular* animations from the day before for each section of the site. Anonymous animations are not included.

On the first of each month, Koin is also paid out for the most popular animations of the previous month.

Payout Rates

Open Ocean
Place Daily Payout Monthly Payout
1 200 500
2 180 455
3 160 411
4 140 366
5 120 322
6 100 277
7 80 233
8 60 188
9 40 144
10 20 100
Still Waters
Place Daily Payout Monthly Payout
1 150 250
2 138 227
3 127 205
4 116 183
5 105 161
6 94 138
7 83 116
8 72 94
9 61 72
10 50 50
Place Daily Payout Monthly Payout
1 160 350
2 146 319
3 132 288
4 118 258
5 104 227
6 90 197
7 76 166
8 62 136
9 48 105
10 35 75
Kiddie Pool
Place Daily Payout Monthly Payout
1 53 85
2 48 78
3 44 72
4 39 65
5 35 59
6 31 53
7 26 46
8 22 40
9 18 34
10 13 27
11 9 21
12 5 15
The Swamp
Place Daily Payout Monthly Payout
1 1 1
2 1 1
3 1 1

* The popularity of an animation is determined by the number of Loves and Trophies received during the time period in question.

Drawn Beta Period Terms & Conditions

Prior to its official launch, Drawn will be released in a beta mode for a small group of testers. Access to the beta site will be manually granted for people who apply for beta via the join page. It may take a few days, so be patient. In order to join the beta experience users must agree to the regular terms & conditions (as outlined above) as well as the following:

THE END ... or is it?