What is the Market?

The market is the place where certain animators can sell their artwork for Koin, Drawn's in-site currency.

You can use the market to earn Koin, or to reward the artists you love by purchasing high-resolution downloads (and more to come!) of their artwork!

The Rules

  • Only users with a rank of Sushi can add artwork to the marketplace. If you are below the rank of Sushi and a moderator places your artwork in a better location than Kiddie Pool, you will be permitted to sell that artwork in the market.
  • Artists may only put a maximum of three (3) animations into the market per day.
  • All sales final, unless there's some sort of technical issue preventing you from getting your purchase.
  • The artist sets the price of their artwork. All Koin goes to the artist.
  • You need an account and to be logged in to actually buy any artwork.