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I am presently performing cleanup to free space on Drawn. I will also be making some changes to very large animations and hopefully not messing them up.



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These things are my best works on drawn so far, the ones I feel most proud of. This folder will change quite frequently the more things I make. They are the things I expect you to see when first entering my profile.

1 Flat colored

Usually these things have a cleaner finish. sometimes they are colored sketches, but usually my sketches arent too messy, so its still legible.

2 Sketches

rough drafts, usually made quick and for practice, I may do these quite often. I may even continue one if im proud of it.

3 Shaded

these things can vary. I will shade colored things, and even flat sketches. Sometimes they can be quite messy, and sometimes they will be on the cleaner side. usually they aren't perfect and sometimes they are quickly done.

4 Animation memes

These usually either tell a story, or have a few repetitive motions. But they tend to be made to music, and sometimes other sounds as well.

5 Gift art

Art that I made for other people. Usually they don't pay anything, but occasionally you may see a commission or 2 here aswell.

6 Reference sheets

These are clear depictions of my characters. My characters' designs and details can be simplified and changed a lot, but there are some staple features that you must keep to make them recognizable. These will usually demonstrate those features clearly.

7 goof-offs

Doodles, additions, things im participating in with less detail


1 gifts to me

I always love these, they are super cool and so are the people that made them for me. tysm!

2 inspiring

Things that make me want to draw or animate when I look at them. Usually they are pretty cool.

3 Cool

Art or animation that is really clean, smooth, or detailed. and sometimes just nice to look at. Just cool, k?


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