Life, however long or short we may live is blank at first we all start knowing nothing until we see a spark that ignites a passion in our hearts we paint, we sketch, we draw upon our canvas no matter what, your canvas is unique to you after all no one can be the same person as another others fly, through trouble and misfortune while others crash, unable to let go some others fall because they look to far ahead they try to fly for to long all one can do is see where you are now, learn from what you have done, but not dwell plan ahead, but do not live in a future in your head live here, make steady strokes on your canvas after all, only you hold the power to change it only you can steer free from those who are heavy on your wings only you can change who you know, what you know paint the canvas with what you have been through what your soul has endured fly, fly strong with me, brush, pencil in claw let us fly to the next dawn.

  • Published June 21, 2019, 22:35
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