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*evil french laughter* ~~~~~~~~~~ this concludes the laughing part of the program On to the main part. ~~~~~~~~~~ Sooooo I'm sure some of you have seen my animations about Della (if you haven't, go check them out. there's only two and they're back to back in the 'my shiz' folder.) :) Aaaaand if you've been paying attention well enough, you would know that I have a story about them (and many other unshown characters in that story) that I am super excited about. The thing is, though, I'm not sure how I'm going to really present that. I don't know yet whether it will be on here (i'm planning on doing it mostly on here tho but idk yet 100%) or just as a story I share over different platforms.. that's still in the works. I have the main story and characters down, which is honeslty all I need for the most of it. The only thing left is to present it. Now... how will I do that? As I just said, I am still in the early stages of planning how to present this to people. I think you know where this is going. I'm asking for feedback from YOU GUYS on what I should do with this. I obviously can't do everything alone, but for now all I can do is ask for volunteers for ideas, tips, or even planning. (which is a big role that i'll probably pick into sometime in the future) That said, I will keep in close touch with those people while I am working on this story/project. Some of you may know this already, but I'm just 13 years old. I don't have the money to pay people to work on this. I am ashamed of that, but I have no other way to ask for help other than for volunteers. But more on that later on, because this is not the main reason why I made this post. I just wanted to address this real quick before I get into the beef of this. Of course, this will mean I first need a base. An ideal idea base on what I'm going to do with this, where I'm going with it, and how I'll work this out. Long story short... I need ideas. I am simply asking ideas from YOU GUYS on how you think would work best for me to how I might present this. (idea ex, animated, comic, ask/qna blog thing, you get the idea) There are so many ways that are possible but I can not make up my mind, nor do i feel fully comfortable with just one pick. I want feedback and what YOU GUYS think is best for me to do so I can make a descision the fastest. Oi I know this has probably been a long read, but I think you guys get the idea. All you have to do rn is just plop some project ideas down below and I'll look into them. Bada-bing-bada-boom. It's that simple. I dont think I should have written as much as I did for this simple statement but I felt that this kind of big thing deserves some context. But the context of the STORY won't be revealed... yet. I'm looking forward to this! I know you haven't seen much of Della but I assure you, her story is promising. At least I hope or think so. Depends on your opinions. (psst, by the way. for reference, this drawing itself is ALSO a little peek at della. colors too, this time! idk why but i just love her design so much i *sobs* im such an obsessive mom when it comes to stories- ALSO NO SHE DOES NOT HAVE A UNIBROW i know it kinda looks like that in here but that wasn't intentional) I can't do this without your help, so please put some ideas down! That's all for now. Updates on this later on, maybe. with that, I LEAVE YOU *dramatic curtain close*

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