poem i wrote 12/30/2019


The moon, it rises from the horizon, bringing with it a sense of hollow dread. Left here, with no where left to go, save bed. Stare out into the starless sky, like me, and dwell over what it could really be. No birds, crickets, or toads to break the hush, so lie here with me, as the moon rises, Just stare, there is no real reason to rush. After all, i am caught by my losses. Look beyond, the hollow horizon calls. Mute me, beckon me into scared silence. My will is yours, freedom is petulance. Laugh, at the agony you have caused me. You do not know, you do not notice it. Bound by childhood to this agony. Judging, you so truly are of people, despite not taking a glance within you. You do so to garner sympathy. To say you love me, then bind me alone, separate from others, i am your pet.

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