Tess has found herself sick in love and in her mind, directed to two individuals; On levels that vary in separate and twisted extremes. --- Tessa "Tess/Bugeyes" Medley is by far one of my favorite characters. She plays a role in my Della story, and GOD, does she do some stuff. I won't go into much detail, but her emotions and way of thinking are very unique - especially as to the other main characters. And to be clear, yes, she's a main character Plus, she thinks that having Jojo Siwa ponytail is actually tasteful so... I don't see how she WOULDN'T have main cast energy. With that character-defining detail, she just cannot be put aside. Her friends call her Bugeyes btw because whenever she comes up with an idea (which is... way too often) or just get excited in general (again, too often) or anything like that, her eyes go just owlishly wide. I don't know how she hasn't bulged her eyes out by this point, but that's fiction logic right there for ya. She's extremely energetic and a real giddy person, so it almost feels natural that she has her eyes wide and observant! Alright, enough of my rambling. If you have any questions about her or my story, please ask!!! I love it when people are curious about my stories or characters <3 it makes me feel happy :,> I can't give any spoilers to the story, though, in the chance or case that it really be brought out into a large product rather than an idea. That's all! byeeee

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