you don't know what it's like.


overtime it changes. it all changes. people change. people leave. people come. they hurt you. they leave. they leave. again. i live. i leave. they live. they leave. live. and leave. you think you understand just let me feel bad stop hurting me because i want to feel "why aren't you good at anything?" "I'm good at pretending I'm fine." people come and they go always i am always left alone unable to do anything i change. i come. i go. i run. i cry. i hide. i pretend. i leave. like everyone else ---- *weird ass poem i came up with. this is mostly chara-based, so don't worry about me. :D this isn't a vent post, more of me trying to explore the potential of her lore? if that makes sense. anyways this is old and by now I've gotten a lot better, poetically, so I'm cringing rn kay bye

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