Deni´s Parents


I would type more about their background but I feel like that would be too much and Im not really into mushy stories so lets sum this up shall we? Deni´s mom Tish= Shy neko who lacks self confidence completely Deni´s father Axel=Troublemaker who seeks attention from being neglected and misunderstood by his parents. They found each other. They understood each other. They suffered through their problems together. They eventually got married. However about a year or 2 after their precious Deni was born Deni´s Father died trying to save Deni´s mother in a natural disaster. Deni´s mother lived but had no choice but to give Deni up so that she could experience the joy of having both a mother and a father(and bc their house got burnt down during the fire so we dont know where Tish went) . Deni traveled from foster home to foster home until she finally found someone she could stay with. Unfortuntaely that person died a couple of years ago and Deni was left with 2 things 1.)His fortune(money) 2.)The House So Deni pratically lives with Bea bc they are le Oc Squad and Bea has nowhere to stay(Ill explain her story later) and they both live in the house with assistance from Deni´s next door neighbor who lives right beside them And they live the good life right now. In this drawing Deni finds out the love story behind her parents and wishes dearly to find her mother one day. (btw sorry Ik this feels a lil rushed. I tend to type fast XD)

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