So today I went out to my grandma's house with my brother to help her with the yards. I have to stay over night because we never finished so does my brother. The original plan was to have the guest room to me and the couch to my brother. But now my brother is like "I'm sleeping in the guest room" I said "no, I am, that was the plan. " So what he does is walk up to the guest bedroom and puts his stuff down walks back down stairs and says "I'm sleeping in there, and if you don't like it then sleep on the couch." And walks off with that bratty smile And I must remind you that he is 5 years below me. So I'm the older one. And I was going to stay up and do the art trades but now I can't because he is so fricken nosy and gets into all my business Ughhhhhhhh

  • Published June 11, 2019, 20:44
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