Mafia Party


Basically this is a drawing of Frostbite (Maria)'s sister- her name is Anna and she is part of a mafia. Well, she's spying for another mafia. SO she's in two mafias. Anna was rarely home which is why Maria is so great at fending for herself. In the time she was home, she was always with her sister. This is a drawing of a party where Anna's mission was to kidnap the host, a young millionaire. Anna left for this mission but never came back, so Maria did some investigation and found out that Anna had been shot down by police when she was fleeing with the mafia she was spying for. SO yeeeeeee this is the only canon drawing of her, anything else has nothing to do with Maria's story OwO I'm working a lot on coming up with ways to portray what happened to Maria with a drawing since it's complicated... Hopefully, the next drawing of Maria's story is something of her with Veronica :) It's also a reason that Maria wants to protect Veronica's sister so bad- she has the same name as her sisterrrrr :)))))))

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