Drawn Suggestion


So as said in this post (lovely art btw check them out) - This post ---> https://drawn.digifi.ca/play/i14222 - Not sure if this suggestion has already been discussed, but what if we had folders for layers? Instead of having layers sitting in a long line, folders could help organize the editor. There are folders to organize layers in animation/editing programs such as Adobe Animates and Sony Vegas. There are also colour-coded folders in some programs so you know where everything is. As an artist who uses too many layers, I just think there should be a place to keep them. I use 3 folders in Paint Tool SAI, each with a purpose: 1st folder: sketches 2nd folder: Main drawing + Lineart + Colours (my most layered folder) 3rd layer: effects/extras layers. - I'm not sure if a folder would make the editor slower. - tltr: coloured/Folders = organized, faster, easy to draw, less stress. (at least for me) - TomatoToast's description got me thinking about this.

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