So originally, I was gonna make this a rlly big project, but instead decided to start a new lil' contest / colalb thing! __________________________________ Rules: anybody can add, but if your part does not make it to open ocean, then it will not be counted as a contest entry, which means you will not get rewards. *YOUR PART MUST BE MOVED TO OPEN OCEAN BY A MOD. DO N O T POST YOUR PART IN OPEN OCEAN!!* Don't be afraid to try! Whatever you guys add I always think is great! I will be giving rewards to the parts that I think are the best. The rewards are: 1st place: Mega rainbow trophy on animation / drawing of your choice. 2nd place: Gold trophy on animation / drawing of your choice. 3rd place: Silver / bronze trophy (depends) on animation / drawing of your choice. I will decide the deadline when there are at least 3 entries. **YOU MUST CONTINUE THE MOST RECENT CONTINUATION OF THE COLLAB!!** (Must also be a continuation of this animation.) Also please add your name in the corner. I'm sorry I forgot to 😅😅 _______________ Good luck y'all!

This animation is a continuation of:

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