Q: mask off, can i eat you


A; Soulless: Bad mask... bad... The Chancellor: There is no need for the mask to be taken off. For the Soulless that still vocalize, they can be fairly loud so it's better for all of us if they aren't heard. The masks are left on from when the Elders and I started... freeing... those who rebelled. They would scream all night and day, so we had to shut them up somehow. The masks are held on by chain like materials and are locked on. I notice you asked if you could eat one of them, and that they look edible. I can assure you, they are not edible, nor should you eat them. The Soulless are equipped with leather hard skin and titanium strength bones. I advise you to stay away. Unless of course you were with the rebellion. Are you? Yes? Well, let me give you a tour... @RANDOMGIRL4

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