Two of Us


Orange- Demon Child I don't have any ideas for a backstory yet Purple- Brenda TW- ABUSE: A sociopath with cannibalistic tendencies. She used to have very abusive parents who would often beat her and her brother. This left her with many scars, which she covers with bandage wrap. One day they locked Brenda and her brother in their basement. There was minimal water but no food. This left both of them on the verge of starvation, and in desperation Brenda killed and ate her brother, which was how she got a taste for human flesh. His body lasted for a while, and in that time she found a way to escape. When she did she killed and ate both of her parents, and destroyed the evidence of doing so. Now she's serial killer who makes a living killing and eating people, and taking their money. However she manage to befriend a small child who appeared normal. After spending some time with her, Brenda realized that the child also had sociopathic tendencies similar to hers. So she takes care of her while teaching ways of killing people, and cooking human meat. Ah yes, making some of my oc's good edgy or tragic backstories and some trauma. Because they added some *flavor* to the characters. Only some medium to minimal torture though, because I already put them through so much crap.

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