something I scrapped a while ago


Here's something I scrapped a little while ago... kinda based off of something that happened in the latest movie... so spoilers, if you know, you know, anywho the reason why i dropped this all together is mainly because I just didn't want to draw Zilla since he's a pain to work with in general since his design is so skinny compared to Godzilla who has some bulk, but then again I draw Godzilla pretty skinny, but besides that another reason is do to me drawing the dorsal plates for Godzilla on the wrong layer and I didn't want to draw them again along with a whole bunch more things that are wrong with this... so yeah, I know it's a really bad reason, but to be fair, I'm kinda brunt out right now from a whole bunch different things, so I gotta go, see ya

  • Published April 13, 2024, 19:12
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