Contest Ending Today!!! ⚑


HEY there guys! You know the contest I hosted here? -> ? Well, that is ending TODAY! AT 12:00 AM EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME!!! So, If you planned on entering, or are working on an entry, make sure to get your entry in by tomorrow morning! ALSO, If you'd like to get a few days for an extension to be able to work on your entry, please ask for one in the comments below! I'll gladly give you a few extra days to work on it! :D Oh and this is my New Oc Arrow! They're a dragon that works as a secretary for the Demon High Council and they are very much a chaotic bby! I'll probably be making more art/animations of them soon! <3 So Yeah that's all I wanted to say! I'll be making a post about the winners in a few days! So get ready! Good luck to you all! <3

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