Short Lore cutscene.


sorry its slow, but at least theres time for u to read and digest what they are saying. im gonna revisit this project, by improving the dialogue boxes. what i noticed is that its a hassle to keep copy-pasting four seperate boxes into places. it gets annoying. so im gonna make an improved version of this, where everything is on two layers. layer 1 will have the color, linart, and dialogue box linart. layer 2 will have the shading and the inside of the dialogue box. another thing to note, is that these are meant to be given a little background to show the scenario. for example, in this one id draw tanpaw vs brownscar in the back, to add some dramatic effect to the boxes instead of a white void. i didnt do that though, because once i revisit it, ill be doing a lot of my lore this way. (if yall help me earn enough koin i can even add voice acting to these.) (i bet none of you remember any of these characters except tanpaw, or if your an idiot you think they are all tanpaw.) and with that, have a fantastic evening folks.

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