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hiiii im sure most people know me as the girl who raised a ton of koin for a project that... never really took off. and well, im here to explain that a little more. during my unannounced hiatus, i had time to think a lot about how i was going to do this. i though that was what i needed! maybe a little bit of time to process things. maybe some time to get life stuff out of the way first. that didn't go very well. i fell into a sort of pit of self-expectation yet i kept setting these goals for myself i knew i'd never reach. the koin weighed me down, the excitement and support this received made me feel guilty, and i wasn't really in the best place. there were other factors too, but i'm trying to stay relevant to this for now. after all that time, i come back to a stack of koin that i still need to work with. (it was unused!!! just an fyi -- i NEVER spent anyone's koin. not a drop was spent after the fundraiser.) i couldn't figure out an effective method of distributing koin long enough to satisfy any real production. with our small team too, it would need a bunch of koin. even if i had that bunch of koin, im sure i wouldnt know what to do with it either. im not really a business person. so i think this project's just going to be stuck here. if i ever decide to take off on this story some day, it'll be a solo act since i dont trust myself to really manage a team. i think the best course of action here is to set up a way of dividing the earned koin among the current team members @StarMoonlight @Hoodie @Trash @PhinSilver and @satansassgremlin -- 1380 per person. an idea i had was to have each person create a drawing in still waters, and sell it as a wallpaper for 1380 koin. then, i can transfer the koin. if there's a more effective method please lmk. i also went into depth about this some time ago, (here: https://drawn.digifi.ca/play/q6n713 ) but im making this post as a sort of conclusion to finalize things. feel free to read that too if you want. thanks for reading ill be back with art soon maybe

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