Annoying pigeon -- Animation meme


OH MY GOD THIS IS DONE, I love the feeling of finishing something that took like 2 months. This wasn't supposed to take this long, it a crap post kind of thing!! And at the end.... I couldn't sync or know if it synced because my preview broke so that sucked. And I hope it did sync because my god.... This features @ClaytonR , @BuffedDoggo!! , and @R0seken and thats it. The rest are my characters. Sorry if you wanted to be in it and werent.... :( BUT IM SO MAD ABOUT THE PREIVEW THING! I hope it doesn't ruin this animation and wowie, 763 frames?? thats a lot of frames. Sorry for the bad excuse for animation in this, i can only blame myself so I will lol. Thank you for watching! Was inspired by this to make it --->

  • Published April 21, 2019, 17:22
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