A Very Haunted Story


One night, a girl named Eleanor was sitting doing her homework. The next day was Halloween. She was in a very cheerful mood because there was a Halloween dance. Her boyfriend texted her. Eleanor picked up the phone. It read, "Are you excited for the dance tomorrow?" She quickly texted back "yes". She couldn't wait for tomorrow! The next day, Eleanor arrived at school. She went through all her classes and then it was finally the end of the day. She got changed for the dance and went in. There was loud music, people, everywhere, and a candy table just waiting for kids to come and get some candy. Eleanor looked around for her boyfriend. She walked around for a bit then found him near the punch table. They immediately kissed and then started dancing together. The night went on pretty smoothly until Eleanor's boyfriend had to go to the bathroom. 10 minutes pass by and he still wasn't out. "Where could he be?" she thought. One of his friends walked passed her. "Hey! Can you check in the bathroom to see if my boyfriend is there?" she asked "Yeah!" he replied. He went in then got out. "Sorry. He is not in here." Eleanor got really worried. She looked around the courtyard calling his name. She went outside the front of the school to call him when she saw her boyfriend with another girl! Luckily, she had a knife in her pocket so she ran over to him and stabbed him, killing the poor boy. Blood was everywhere. A week passed by and Eleanor was bored. So she went to visit her dead boyfriend in the graveyard. She walked up to his grave. Eleanor started laughing. She had killed her only love but it was funny seeing him dead. She walked out still laughing and didn't regret anything she did. THE END

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