Wooded Falls: Dartus' Room (PILOT)


Hello Drawn community! @SwagTomato here! What you are about to watch now is the storyboard for the Wooded Falls show that me and my friend @IamNOgoodARTIST worked on during the quarantine times, sadly this project lays here in the drafts for 3 years now because I can't focus on it very much because I've got my personal project going on and life in general makes it hard to work on this, and my friend IamNOgoodARTIST announced that he will leave Drawn and animation in general because he lost interest and also other IRL stuff. This show was about Dartus and Dusty, two losers who go on random adventures and sometimes need to save the day due to the weird circumstances that they find themselves in. This pilot episode is about Dartus' room and how Dusty never went in there, and stuff just goes crazy from there because turns out that the "mold" on Dartus' door is and actaul Demon guardian, and we also get introduced to another character, Chester the stalker. We planned about 2 more episodes after this and we were excited to work on them but things just didn't work out in the end and that sucks.. We have various drafts of characters and little stories for them that we wanted to expand on. This first episode was written by me and I'm pretty proud of it, I think that it's kinda funny and stupid, which is what I was going for at the time and still do. We had a ton of fun on discord talking about ideas that we could do and we would work on it back and forth until the storyboard was finished. And we actually almost started the animation itself. Now.. Could this be the end of this account? I wouldn't like that.. Maybe I could gather some talented people from Drawn to help work on this thing and make it our own inside project for the Website.. Maybe we could incorporate everybodies OCs and turn this litte thing into a Drawn universe of sorts where Dartus and Dusty would meet other Drawn people and do stupid thing and stuff like that. Here are some types of artists that I would love to have on board: -Background artist -Lip syinc artist -More talented stick animators -Talented character animators -And even sound design and stuff of even voice actors These are of course just some wild ideas and I don't actually expect anything to come out of this but it's just an idea that I would like to mention.

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