I'm cornered again. this damn game of cat and mouse is tiring if he went cahoot, he could literally find me and kill me out of anger I never fucking signed up for this when I became friends with him, I felt like we would be bomb friends and, we were, for a minute until you woke up one day and decided to be partially insane then after that our friendship was wobbly then, just a few days ago you try and sweep me off my feet exclaiming how much you love me me, the awkward fuck said hey, me too man, but he cut me off then, and began his sweet talk im an idiot me, the now easily flattered fuck said oh uh thanks man me, the little fuck who doesn't wanna love the guy rolls with it for days friend, exists me, okay thank you me, tells him we should probably space out him, deletes discord me, oh shit he could actually murder me in real life wow also me, I should uninstall life while I'm ahead

  • Published November 08, 2019, 07:23
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