ok no i didn't actually puke, the ending wasn't really truthful i almost did tho. like 3 times. barfed in my mouth, and it hurt my throat like shit i am crumble in disguise, wishing not to pack her animations will bull like this but honestly i feel disgusting i've been trying to drink some cold water maybe for settle my throat down but it barely worked or mattered since i kept practically puking after a bit, i just stopped giving into any coughs or burps even that may hint at the slightest gag reflex so im feeling a little better now, but i still feel kinda gross tbh honestly i dont even know why this happened in the first place maybe heartburn or stress or something im not sure hgygthgt i felt like making this tho to laugh on my pain because haha humor not masochism tho dont worry im not THAT weird ok wow this desc is long enough bye ill stop this at here

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