Name- o Age- 16 Species- Chuku (Demon) Gender- Female, Pronouns- Her/She Height- 5'8 in Small Form, 7'2 in True Form Sexuality- Lesbian Favorite Food- Human Flesh, preferably hearts and young children (their softer and richer in flavor) Likes- Killing humans, reading horror manga, watching horror anime, drawing, painting., most demons and monsters. Dislikes- Sunlight, Most Humans, (in general she finds them shallow, weak, and annoying). Relationships- Is friends with Shodo, (a part of the Kage species). Currently is dating Sashi, (a part of the Sagishi species). General Info- O is a young Chuku living in a small apartment with Shodo. When not killing or torturing humans, she spend most of her time reading manga, watching anime, or painting. Or hanging out with Sashi. O is known to have mild anger issues and trust issue, as she was abandoned as a young child. Backstory- As a child, she was abandoned by real parents, which lead to her being adopted by satanist cult, created by humans. They kindly accepted the demon, as they worshipped them. The humans they fed and raised for three years of her life, though they expected that it might be risky to take care of O, due to her nature urges. Raised partly by humans, this lead to her to become more emotional and kinder than others of her species. Due to her demonic nature though, she ended up killing and eating several humans there, meaning that she was forced to be abandoned once again. Later she would live with other Chuku, before leaving to start her own life.

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