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I kinda wanna keep working on this project its been fun to work on, and since i dont have to worry about the whole getting corrupted thing i can actually work on this one with no worries i wanna make it as best as possible, maybe even with a colored bg if i find the effort to lol i found a song i like for it that i think will go good as bg music with the sfx there, and theres a nice beatdrop i wanna at least make it to, maybe for the climax of the project lol only thing is im like 400ish frames away from that so it could be a little bit since i havent been working on it much lol i just keep forgetting sorry but yeah i turned 16 5 days ago and i got a car AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH OMGGGG N FOD§AIJBFHWIDFB WSYIFBWIFBWIDVBI

  • Published May 13, 2024, 10:11
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