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its been a hot minute since i've been active its the same old me; same billions of layers used, same plain style, same boring bustshot drawing, and same plain background so YES!!! its me, crumble, and I'm still basic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've kind of died on my story... the one I've always been talking about on here, i mean. I've come up with lots of other ideas for new and different stories while I've been gone, and it's honestly kind of nice! one character I've been working on is the guy i drew here, actually. but this isn't to say that I've given up on della tho <3 honestly tho, super sorry for my inactivity. I've been preparing for high school and have been doing end of the year testing and everything is crazyyy my dad's been switching jobs for literally no reason also so that's fun to deal with I also got accepted for the two electives that I wanted, but im also doing an honors class... with the normal classes added to that.... so that's going to be fun 😃 small overall update. I'm still here, I'm still me. i still don't know how to English (though i have Grammarly) just the same, and i still smash my keyboard unecessarilfbskrhbfejrhfnejhrgfbjh im not staying to be extremely active but I'll pop back in sometime later. well, that's all i have to say for now!!! nice to see this place again.

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