Art/Meme Dump (Desc.) ❄️


╔—————————————————————————-———————————-——-———-—-——╗ ✿ HEY there guys! YUH have an Art/Meme Dump with my characters from my story Paradoxical!!! :D ════ ⋆ ✿ ⋆ ════ ★ HEHE IM reworking one of my story’s so UM- I’ve been drawing my characters from that story SO HAVE ARTZZ OF THEM!!! YUH! IF you SOMEHOW- recognize ANY of them your an OG!!! <3 😎✌️ KBSJSBVSVSJ SAY HI TO BREAKER!!!! He’s the King and also very flirty, good for him good from him!!! 😌 ERM- IM HYPERFIXATING ON THIS DUMBASS OKAY?? SORRYyyyY NOT SORRYYY! I SWEAR- he’s actually pretty cool! He’s a BIT of a silly little antagonist!!! WOOPSIES! 😁 UH- THIS IS HADEON!!! THO YOU CAN CALL HIM HADES!!!! AND NO- Before any of YaLL Say IT!!! HES NOT A GurLll! SO- YES HES A DUDE- COPE LOL!!! Nah fr tho I drew him in this outfit cuz he dresses up as a waitress to try an ASSASSINATE Breaker so YUH! At least he pretty tho! 😳😈 HEHE Campbell <333 He’s one of the four main characters!!! He owns a casino, his father is part of the mafia, he got the silly little OCD like meeEee! ErM Bla blA bla- YUH- He’s EPIC! I LOB HIM He Deserves the woRlD!!! <3 BAHAHAHA ON TO THE MEMEZ!!! WHEN I saw this One at first I FrIKIN WhEN APESHIT!!! IDK WHY- It’s JUST- SO SILLY! HRLP LMAOOOO!!! Anyways Breaker Slays! 🤩😎✌️ Saw someone do something similar like this on Instagram So I Did one with my Oc DAS HAHA! He’s a kleptomaniac, a con artist, but also really REaLLY dum LOL! 🤠 THIS is what HiS BRaIn is LikE!!! YaSSS! 😌 SAY HI TO HUXLEY! UM HES a police officer- ErMm Until he’s Not- LOL! 😈 He’s also low key an antagonist, but not like- super Bad?!?? YuH!! He has a wife hehe he’s pretty POG! 😳 ════ ⋆ ★ ⋆ ════ ✿ Jokes on you even if you don know any of these oc’s of mines there around TWO YEARS OLD NOW HAHA!!! I’ve had my story Paradoxical around for two plus years- WTF! 😳 That’s like- crazyy but super cool hehe! ANYWASY BYEA!!! I SWEAR IM WORKING ON AN ACTUAL ANIMATION!!! 😁 ════ ⋆ ★ ⋆ ════ ✿ (DIES and goes to HELL!!! <3) ╚—————————————————————————-———————————-——-———-—-——╝

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