Q: Retain memories, disappear, pain


A; The Chancellor: The Soulless have shown that they retain certain memories. This one remembers its old partner mostly, but none of them care and attack anyways. None of them have been here long enough for us to know whether or not they lose memories, but the Original Soulless, lovingly named "What the fuck is that", started off by only saying "I'm sorry", but has since ceased all verbal communication. The Soulless have also not expressed any pain from the bones, but they do seem to be sensitive in the area where they stick out. The bones are mostly a hazard to the rest of us, but the ones on the hands seem to do the most harm. Soulless: Pip... The Chancellor: We're still working on training a lot of them. Hopefully we can learn from them and the next generation of Soulless will be better. @R0seKen

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