Biography:- Name- Orange Age- 16 demon years, 300 human years Species- Sagishi Favorite Foods- Human Flesh and Blood, Anything with Oranges, Spicy Foods, Cinnamon Desserts, and Strawberry Desserts. Favorite Color- Orange and Red. Friends- Ankunu Not much is know about her, other than her being on the soccer team. She is part of the Sagishi, a species of shape-shifting demons who feed on human flesh. While shape-shifting into a human, she couldn't fully get the form right, leading to her having no eyes. Yet still being able to see. Despite there being more easier and more practical options to wear, Orange chooses to wear a paper bag over her head, though it's not really known why she's so attached to it. Demon Species:: Sagishi Sagishis are shape-shifting demons. They feed on human flesh and blood, and pose as a human to lure prey near them, preferably into a dark, remote, or abandoned place. Once the human is lured far enough, they will show their true form. The human will have little time to escape, and will most likely be killed and eaten by the Sagishi. Sagishis can also take on the abilities of what they transform into, making them very good in combat. However despite being good shapeshifters, they're not flawless. Unlike other demon species, Sagishi can't perfectly replicate what they turn into. Leaving their shifted forms with missing parts or deformities. Like other demons there also damaged by crosses, the bible, holy water, and salt, and have a disliking towards sage.

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