yell heah here's some more of della :) as I've said before, I'm not really one for animation, but I do still enjoy it! :D Because I love it so obsessively, I notice tips and tricks from other animators that I use, so that way it doesn't look entirely like shit... I hope ":) as an example of what it looks like when I actually do a full-on animation (kinda?), here's this https://drawn.digifi.ca/play/3pbhl5 I mean, this is just lineart but I draw a lot more than animate haha cus animation is hard asf <3 I know it could be better, since halfway through the spin just kinda get choppy ig,,, it doesn't look that bad imo tho TvT but that may just be because I never do animation haha Hmm, as info on the art piece, I would say this would be what a certain scene would start as in her story. There are a lot of scenes that require dramatic openings, i suppse, but this is probably like.. the one big scene. But more on that later on, if i ever decide to show the story some way :) If you like dark stuff or some of that lore, this may be your kind of story. It's not entirely all darkness and shit, though. It's kind of a misfortunate tale, i guess. Though, I have to say, I'm constantly working on it so I'm not 100% done. But more on that later, as I've said :) huhuhu I hope you like this! Stay safe everyone, we're all in this together! :D let's give some love to Della too, she needs it qwq she's been through a lot (>u3u)> <3

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