So I guess this is a thank you thing? I'm just going to word vomit a little here. I just wanted to thank you for this website in general. I love working on here and talking to everyone and the sheer amount you interact with us users is really encouraging. I came to this website after a pretty awful end to a 2 year relationship and I cannot even begin to tell you how useful this site has been in dealing with it. So even if that wasn't your intention, just know you've helped some upset teenager deal with shit a little better. Anyway, enough silly stuff. Thanks for being here Clayton. I look forward to seeing this site's future. I'll buy some koin for a coffee or something soon lol. Onto the next thing then ^-^ edit: RIGHT SO I COULDN'T FIND A REPRESENTATION OF YOU WITH SHOES SO I GAVE YOU SOME RED KICKS, SORRY IN ADVANCE BUT I COULDN'T HELP IT

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