Skskskskskkskskskskksskkskekskkskskksskkskskskskskskekskskskskskksk -------------------------- Ok, I'm not a vsco girl I swear :'))))) Anyways, you're amazing heck even more. Art would be an A frEACKinG + okay??? Like yes. But seriously tho... Positivity means alot more than Art. Sure Art counts but, you mean alot to me and positive thoughts works better then what you can do best. You're you. And that's the best part about you. Your Personalities are positive and are freaking amazing because yes. uwu ------- Rate results : 10000000000/ 10 Sorry if it's too much but yes ùwú . . . . Ha! I already did a " Rate me on a scale1!!1!1!!! " thing about 6- 7 months ago and I want to redraw that cuz the way I drew my hand. :')))))) Ok my status: Imma be here like 3 times a week so yay. I guess I could say I'm fully back???? But I might not reply to comments so sorry my tablet is slow at times and glitches like Glitchtale. . . . Time Taken : 30+ min ( Only my Part ) Things to edit / Draw with: Tablet ( Android ) Characters used: Beatrix D. ( Tiny demon in the back of Troy uvu ) Beatrix belongs to me. ( I was ganna say something else that belongs to me but, is too embarrassing to say and might embarrass someone else too so no. ( __ ///-_-///)__ Hhhhhh hhhhhhhhhh I love frogs. . _ . yeet

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